Autumn leaves upon the ground,
Yellow, brown and red,
Winter’s getting closer,
The trees are going to bed.

  1. Осенние листья на земле,
    Желтые, коричневые и красные.
    Приближается зима,
    Деревья засыпают.

    1. Leaves are floating
      softly down;
      Some are red and
      some are brown.
      The wind goes “swish”
      through the air;
      When you look back,
      there are no leaves there.

    Листья покачиваясь,
    опускаются медленно вниз;
    Некоторые из них красные,
    а некоторые коричневые.
    Ветер дует “шшш”,
    в воздухе;
    Когда вы оглядываетесь назад,
    листьев больше нет.

    1. Fiddle-de-dee, fiddle-de-dee,
      The fly has married the humble-bee.
      They went tо the church, and married was she:
      The fly has married the humble-bee.


    1. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.All the king’s horses,And all the king’s men,Couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again


    London Bridge is falling down,
    Falling down,
    falling down.
    London Bridge is falling down,
    My fair lady!
    Build it up with iron bars,

    Iron bars,

    iron bars.

    Build it up with iron bars,

    My fair lady!Iron bars will bend and break,

    Bend and break,

    bend and break.

    Iron bars will bend and break,

    My fair lady!Build it up with pins and needles,

    pins and needles,

    pins and needles,

    Build it up with pins and needles,

    My fair lady! 

    1. London

     London is beautiful, London is old,London is foggy, London is cold,Buckingham palace with wonderful halls,Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and St.Paul’s, Kensington Garden, Hyde Park, Peter Pan,Admiral Nelson and Christopher Wren…Bridges and palaces, faces and rain,Oh, how I wish I could see them again. 

    1. March Wind

    (Мартовский ветер)March wind is a jolly fellow; (Мартовский ветер весельчак;)He likes to joke and play. (Он любит шутить и играть.)He turns umbrellas inside out (Он выворачивает зонтики навыворот)And blows men’s hats away. (И сдувает мужские шляпы прочь.)He calls the pussy willows (Он призывает вербные сережки)And whispers in each ear, (И шепчет в каждое ухо,)«Wake up you lazy little seeds; («Просыпайтесь, ленивые маленькие семена;)Don’t you know that spring is here?» (Разве вы не знаете что весна пришла?») 


    (Весна)I love the spring. (Я люблю весну.)For every day (Каждый день)There’s something new (Там что-то новое)That’s come to stay. (Приходит.)Another bud (Новый бутон)Another bird (Новую птицу)Another blade (Новую травинку)The sun has stirred. (Солнце пробудило.)  

    1. My dog is clever

    Strong and quick,His name is Spot,My name is Nick Two Little Birds Sitting On a WallTwo little birds
    Sitting on a wall,
    One called Peter,
    One called Paul.
    Fly away Peter,
    Fly away Paul,
    Come back Peter,
    Come back Paul.

    1. New Year

    Come, children, gather round my knee,Something is about to be!Tonight’s December thirty-first,Something is about to burst.Huck, it’s midnight, children dear,Huck, here comes another year! 

    1. Snow. 

    The snowflakes are falling By one’s and by two’s. There is snow on my coat And snow on my shoes.  There is snow on the plants And snow on the trees. And snowflakes all around me Like many white bees!  Spring is green,Summer is bright
    Autumn is yellow
    Winter is white. 

    1. The snow is falling,

    The wind is blowing,The ground is whiteAll days and nights

    1. Tommy Trot, a man of law
    Tommy Trot, a man of law,

    Sold his bed and lay upon straw;Sold his straw and lay upon grassTo buy his wife a looking-glass.


    1. When spring is here, the world is new;

    The grass is green, the sky is blue.When summer comes, it’s very hot;We can play and swim a lot. 

    1. Winds Of March

    Winds of March, we welcome you, There is work for you to do. Work and play and blow all day, Blow the winter cold away  

    1. А-Английский в жизни пригодится.
      Н-На отдыхе..как объясниться?
      Г-Глазами хлопать и стоять.
      Л-Лишь улыбаться и моргать?
      И-И делать вид.что понимаешь.
      С-Стоишь и вывески читаешь.
      К-Каким-то жестом объяснил.
      И-И думаешь.поговорил?
      Я-Язык английский изучайте!!

      З-Знакомство с ИНГЛИШ-углубляйте!!


      К-Как за основу-вы считайте!!!И-И в жизни он вам пригодится.

      З-Знакомый даже удивится.

      У-Уверенно вы говорите.

      Ч-Читайте…и произносите…

      А-Английский-стал нам.как родной!


      Т-Теперь мы знаем.дорогой!

      Е-Еще бы.столько мы с тобой!!!

     A, B, C, D
    На английский к нам иди,
    Будем буквы изучать,
    Мы научимся читать.
    Оne, two, three, four, five

    Ты тетрадь не забывай,

    Цифры в жизни пригодятся,

    На английском объясняться..Мother, father

    Sister, brother.

    Вот и вся моя семья —

    Умная какая я!!!Cat and dog

    Звенит звонок.

    Тeacher, кончился урок!

    Мы заданья записали

    И «goodbye» мы все сказали. 

    1. Песня “The Fish”:

    One,two, three, four,fiveOnce I caught a fish aliveSix, seven, eight, nine, tenThen I let it go again-Why did you let it go?-Because it bit my finger so!-Which finger did it bite?-This little finger on my right.   Стихотворение “Flowers”:Red and yellow,White and blue, All beautiful flowers Are only for you. This is my right hand,I’ll raise it up high (Raise the right hand)This is my left hand,I’ll touch the sky. (Raise the left hand.)Right hand, (Show the right palm.)Left hand, (Show the left palm)Roll them around. (Roll hands around)Left hand, (Show the left palm)Right hand, (Show the right palm)Turn around, turn around. 

    Spring is green,

    Summer is brigth, Autumn is yellow,Winter is white.


    Cock is happy, Fox is sad. Cat is pretty, Wolf is bad.


    I have a pig. Not very little, Not very big. Not very pink, Not very green. Not very dirty, Not very clean.


    One, two, three. Let me see — Who likes coffee And who likes tea?


    Rain, rain Go away, Come again Another day.


    I like to skip, I like to jump,I like to run about, I like to play,I like to sing, I like to laugh and shout.


    Fly, little bird, fly! Fly into the blue sky!One, two, three, You are free!


    One, two, three, Four, five, Once I caught A fish alive, Six, seven, Eight, nine, ten, Then I let it go again.


    Good night, Good night, My little child. Wake up gay and bright In the morning light.



    My dear, dear Mommy, I love you so much. I want you to be happy On the 8th of March.

     I love my cat. I love my cat,
    It’s warm and fat
    My cat is grey
    It likes to play